Yelp Mobile Coupon Redemption

Thank you for visiting our business on!
As a token of appreciation, we would like to offer you 50% off a general exam for your cat or dog with us.

We will be honoring the above coupon through December 31, 2019

1. When checking out, please present your phone screen to the Client Care Team Member that is checking you out.
2. Client Care Team Member – once exam is applied to invoice, please add item “PROMO: YELP MOBILE CPN (50% OFF GENEX)” to invoice. This will automatically apply a credit to the invoice, discounting the exam. Please print an additional copy of the invoice, staple with this printed paper and place on Christina’s desk. Questions? Please see Christina.

Please note that this discount is not applicable to products, past due services or invoices, specialist exams or emergency exams. This coupon must be surrendered at time of use and is good for only ONE general exam per client/household, not patient. Only eligible for new clients. Not eligible for exotic pets, cats and dogs only.