Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Pet Owners

With Thanksgiving being tomorrow, we saw it fitting to have our own Dr. Jill Christofferson has put together some tips on what’s okay and what’s not okay for your pet this Thanksgiving.

Turkey: White turkey meat is okay for pets to eat; you want to avoid the dark meat and skin though because it is full of fat. Food full of fat is bad for your pet because it can cause pancreatis (pancreas becomes inflamed) which can be life threatening to your beloved pet.

Bones: Bones are a general no-no and cooked bones are an even bigger no-no; cooked bones can often splinter inside of your pet and puncture a vital organ. It’s very important you dispose of your turkey’s carcass securely in the trash. Should an emergency arise, please call us (we are open 365 days a year, 24 hours every day): 925 937 5000.

Green Beans: Green beans with no butter or onions are fine for your pets. The butter is very fatty and can cause damage to the pancreas and onions are toxic to pets.

Potatoes: Cooked potatoes are great for your pet! But as with green beans, be sure there is no butter or onions.

Garlic: If you’ll be seasoning your food this thanksgiving with garlic, a little bit of garlic is okay for your pet. Generally garlic is considered to be toxic but a small amount shouldn’t harm your pet.

Onions: Onions are considered to be toxic for pets and should never ever be fed.

Pumpkin: Pumpkin pie is much too high in fat for your pet and can cause pancreatis. A nice substitute for your pet would be unsweetened canned plain pumpkin (also good for helping firm up stool in pets with an upset stomach or diarrhea).

I want to prepare a safe thanksgiving dish for my pet, what can I or should I include?
White cooked turkey meat, plain cooked or raw green beans (or any green vegetable), baked potato and for desert, plain unsweetened canned pumpkin.

If you should experience any emergency, please do not hesitate to call us! The sooner, the better for your pet’s health: (925) 937-5000.

We will be open all day and night Thanksgiving, staffed with experienced emergency doctors and technicians.