Update: Dr. Adamo's TV Premiere!

This year has been very exciting for Dr. Adamo with his revolutionary artificial disc implant surgery, and the local media has tapped into his momentum. Thanks to efforts put forth by members and friends of the White Kitty Foundation, Dr. Adamo was featured on KGO7 last week, in a short feature that highlights his revolutionary procedure. Dr. Johnson began our practice with the vision that we would always be looking to the future for new and better ways to treat our patients, and Dr. Adamo’s ingenuity is in line with that tenet of our practice. I was lucky enough to observe Dr. Adamo performing his procedure on a dog that came all the way from Texas last week, to be treated for Disc Associated Wobbler’s Syndrome. Please see the news videos below, and join us in our applause for Dr. Adamo’s success!

Neurologist Dr. Filippo Adamo DVM on ABC7 News

KGO 7 Article on Dr. Adamo\’s Artificial Disc Implant


Thank you again to Cris and Denise for their efforts in making this interview happen!

The 2011 ACVIM Conference

Dr. Adamo, during his presentation in Denver

Earlier this month, the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine hosted its annual conference in Denver, which brought specialty veterinarians from around the globe together in one place for a meeting of the veterinary minds. We would like to congratulate our very own neurologist Dr. Filippo Adamo for his contribution to the conference, as he presented on “Recent Developments in the Surgical Treatment of Caudal Cervical Spondylomelopathy in Dogs.” What does that mean in plain English, you may wonder? Basically, Dr. Adamo has developed a surgical technique in which he uses an artifical disc of his own design to treat various neurological conditions of the spine, most notably Wobbler’s Syndrome. Dr. Adamo is originally from Italy, and has been with EVH for nearly two years, seeing neurological cases every Monday and Thursday.

Part of Dr. Adamo's Presentation

Other veterinarians from Encina also attended the conference, including Dr. Jenifer Wang and Dr. Stephen Atwater. Continuing education is a requirement for the job of veterinarian, but at Encina we pride ourselves as being on top of current trends in veterinary medicine. Thus, we often take advantage of conferences such as ACVIM to provide our docs with new perspectives.

For more information regarding the ACVIM Conference, please visit their website by clicking here

An interesting article regarding the conference is found here

For more information about Dr. Adamo’s work, and access to his published research, please visit his website BayAreaVNN.com

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Adamo, please call us at (925)937-5000, he is available to see appointments between 10a and 5p Mondays and Thursdays.