Pet Emergency Kit Assembly

As the only 24 hour emergency veterinarian in Walnut Creek, Encina Veterinary Hospital believes that each family should have an emergency plan in place, and that includes for our pets too. With some help from US Disaster Animal Response Team (DART), we’ve put together a list for supplies to be kept in a pet emergency pack.

You can also purchase a pre-assembled kit online as well by doing a simple search in Google. Also, feel free to give your veterinarian a call to see what he or she suggests you keeping in your kit, in addition to what we have listed below. Depending on your area, a heating blanket, tick twister, booties, poncho and more may be some of the things you should keep in your kit for your furry friends.

First Aid Kit and Emergency Pack for Cats and Dogs:
· conforming bandage (3″ x 5″)
· absorbent gauze pads (4″ x 4″)
· absorbent gauze roll (3″ x 1 yard)
· cotton tipped applicators (1 small box)
· antiseptic wipes (1 package)
· emollient cream (1 container)
· tweezers and scissors
· instant cold pack
· latex disposable gloves (several pairs)
· crates and leashes in an easy to access area
· 2 weeks worth of food and water stored in airtight containers
· 2 weeks worth of any medications your pet may be on
· toys and blanket that smell like home to comfort your pets
· photos of you and your pets together for identification purposes should you become separated
· copy of latest medical records
· hand sanitizer and liquid soap
· collapsible food and water bowls
· cat litter, pooper scooper and dog poop bags
· properly fitted muzzles (a disaster is stressful and a dog may decide to bite for the first time)
· a bag, suitcase or box to store all of the above in for an easy grab-n-go should an emergency arise

ASPCA also offers a free pet safety pack you can order here: Free Pet Safety Pack via ASPCA

As always, we are open 24 hours, 7 days a week for your pet emergency and urgent care needs. Give us a call anytime: (925) 937-5000