Homeward Bound, Charlie's Big Adventure

When one of our dear neurology patients went missing this winter, we were both sad and worried. “Charlie” Hallissy was well known around our hospital for his warm hugs, and for being so relaxed during his exams that he would actually groom himself while Dr. Adamo spoke to his mom Aileen. Please welcome our guest blogger Aileen Halissy, as she shares the story of how “Charlie” was tragically lost and triumphantly found.

Charlie’s Return

On January 28, 2011 at about 9:00 p.m. Charlie wanted to go outside. This was not unusual for him to go out at night. I let him out planning on bringing him back inside for the night in about an hour. When I went out an hour later I couldn’t find him. This did not worry me at first because he had spent the night out before. He would go into the garage where it was warm/dry and be on the porch in the morning for breakfast.

When he did not come home on Saturday morning I began to worry. I notified everyone
I could think of, i.e. AKC Animal Companion Recovery, the vet, Encina and a host of others. After a couple of days I posted flyers with Charlie’s photo all over the neighborhood. I lost count of how many I put up on various telephone poles.

When I spoke with Encina they suggested I put Charlie’s information up on Craigslist. I had never used Craigslist before so I didn’t do it right away. About a week after I spoke with Encina I figured “what the heck” and put Charlie’s information up on Craigslist and I prepared to wait.

A couple of days later, I was chatting with a friend of mine on Facebook and we decided to go around the neighborhood and hand out flyers with Charlie on it asking them to call me if they saw him. People in my office kept asking me if I had heard anything about Charlie. I don’t think any lost cat had so many priests, nuns and religious praying for his safe return. He even had a candle lit for him at the Vatican in Rome.

Well, after about a week of having Charlie on Craigslist (about 2-1/2weeks after he disappeared) I was at work and happened to check to see if there was anything and there was! Someone posted that they sent me something three days prior which I never got. They said they thought the cat that had been living in their garage might be Charlie. They even posted a photo. It sure looked like Charlie. I had my boss and a couple of other people take a look to make sure. I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

When I had trouble responding to the post from Craigslist, I called Encina and a very nice person there took the trouble to respond to it for me since my computer at work wouldn’t do it properly. The tech at Encina gave the person all the information to get a hold of me and she even gave them their phone number so all bases would be covered.

Well, within one hour of that e-mail being sent I got a phone call from the person who had been taking care of Charlie. My boss lent me her car to pick him up. When
I got to the house where he was “staying” and the minute I saw Charlie I knew it was him! My baby was back!

I called Encina to see if it was ok to bring him in to have a quick “check up” since he had been gone for awhile. They said fine. Other than losing a little bit of weight he was fine. I thought it was cute that every tech in the office came to see him. I am especially glad that Ashley, Dr. Adamo’s assistant happened to be there to see him.

Charlie is doing fine although he is not happy about being in “kitty cat jail” right now. The only way he is going outside right now is on a tether. It does look a little funny “walking” a cat but I don’t want to take a chance on losing him again.

I can’t thank Encina enough for giving me the idea to put his photo up on Craigslist. I may never have gotten him back if I didn’t. He is my baby and now my heart is whole again.

Help! I'm Lost! Do You Know Me?

Hullo there! I am a cute mixed breed small male dog that was found going for a solo jog along Port Chicago Highway in Concord yesterday. I have not been neutered, and I was pretty dirty when I was found but I have cleaned up nicely. If you know where I live, please e-mail blog@encinavet.com.