Pet Health Insurance Comparison

The Veterinary News Network (VNN) did a direct comparison of one test case using four popular insurance companies.

There are many companies with many different coverage limits, deductibles, restrictions and even add on coverage. VNN only had time to look at four companies. But they gave them the exact same case for a head-to-head comparison. You may be surprised at what they found …

As always, Encina Veterinary Hospital only recommends only the best: Trupanion Pet Insurance. Click the image below to check out their website.


  1. I love Trupanion!!! I can’t recommend them enough! They have probably reimbursed us well over $8000 in less then a year for our dogs! Yes, they cover SM & MVD! As long as it is not “pre-existing”. Make sure you understand what they do & don’t cover. They Don’t Cover office exam fees, emptying anal glands, dental cleaning and a few other things. But they have been wonderful for our CM/SM dogs.