Persians are Purrfection!

Persians are one of the most recognizable and popular cat breeds on the planet. Known for their calm, laid back demeanor and beautiful (yet high maintenance) coat, this cat breed is said to date back to the 1500s. The gene for long hair is recessive in cats, and researchers believe that it “appeared spontaneously in the cold mountain areas of Persia”. Queen Victoria of England owned two blue Persians, which made them quite desirable in the early 1900s. In North America, the Persian is considered to be one breed, regardless of color, however, in Britain each color of Persian is considered a separate breed.

The fact that Persians are brachycephalic (flat-faced) means that the breed is prone to breathing difficulties, as well as skin and eye issues. Polycystic kidney disease is also prevalent, in which the kidneys become enlarged as a result of cysts that grow in and around the organ.

One of Dr. Johnson’s more famous Persian patients is named Gabriella, known around cat shows as KIT’Z PAWS GABRIELLA BLISS. Gabi is the beautiful kitty you see in these pictures. I asked her mom Felicia to share their story:

“Before I started showing Gabbi I had never shown any cat.  I had gone to a few cat shows, but just as a spectator.  I bought Gabbi as a kitten  with
the intention of showing her, and ran into all kinds of health issues within the first few days of owning her. These health issues went on for about a good year,  however with the excellent  care of Dr. Roger Johnson, Shannon, and everyone at Encina, she bounced out of all that and is a wonderful pet and show Persian.  Some people that show believe in caging their show cats to keep the cats coat in show condition,  I am not one of
those , Gabbi has the run of the house with my other 3 cats.  Nobody thought she would be in the place she is now, which is in the Ribbons at the Shows! Gabbi loves to go to the shows, and she is just looking better and better.
I started showing her in August of 2011,  her first show she received her “Premier”   title, and four shows later in October she received her
“Grand Premier”   title . I am currently competing for a Regional win, then she will have a “Regional Winner” title.

Encina would like to wish Gabi and Felicia the best of luck in all of their future endeavors, on and off the show circuit!


  1. What a cutie!