CT Scanner

Encina Veterinary Hospital is one of the few veterinary hospitals in the nation to have a Helical Computed Tomography Scanner (CT Scanner, or CAT Scan) on site. Our CT scanner is used to help diagnose internal medical conditions by producing a series of combined images of both the vertical and horizontal dimensions.

Instead of a single dimensional image like an x-ray, the CT scanner allows us to produce 3 dimensional (3D) images to better evaluate internal organs. Examples of disease processes frequently diagnosed using CT Scan include internal masses, trauma, brain and spinal lesions, and orthopedic injuries or masses.

All CT Scan procedures require general anesthesia due to the necessity for the patient to hold perfectly still in order for the Scan to be properly performed. All CT Scans are then reviewed both by your pet’s doctor, as well as a board-certified veterinary radiologist.

If you have questions regarding CT Scans or would like to discuss scheduling a CT Scan, please call (925) 937-5000.