Medical Services

Encina Veterinary Hospital is a full-service hospital prepared to handle any pet care need, whether it’s an annual wellness exam or a more complex matter. Our hospital has on-site state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and a skilled staff of experts in internal medicine, oncology, dentistry, as well as highly experienced support staff.

Preventative Care Medicine
Encina Veterinary Hospital offers preventative care services including wellness exams, vaccinations, and monitoring of oral health. As part of a wellness exam, your veterinarian will obtain a medical history, perform a thorough physical exam, including an oral exam, and then discuss any recommendations with you.

Surgery Services
Encina Veterinary Hospital has a surgical suite outfitted with the best in anesthetic and monitoring equipment prepared to handle any type of surgical procedure. The scope of our surgical services range from:

      • Elective surgeries such as ovariohysterectomy (spay) and neuter
      • Emergency surgeries such as GDV (bloat) or C-sections
      • Advanced soft tissue surgeries such as oncology cases involving mass removal
      • Advanced orthopedic cases involving fractures or ligament injury cases
      • Laproscopic or Thorascopic surgeries in which a scope is used to perform the procedure via a very small incision using video-guided instrumentation
      • Exploratory surgery to obtain biopsies or other samples or remove foreign objects

Diagnostic Equipment
Encina Veterinary Hospital has the most advanced equipment available, on par with that of human hospitals. Our veterinarians have the advantage of being able to use our on-site equipment to aid in making a diagnosis rather than having to refer to another site. Our in-house equipment includes:

      • Digital Radiography (x-ray): the digital images provide a higher level of detail
      • Ultrasonography with ultra-high digital images
      • Endcoscopy: video-monitor guided viewing of the esophagus, stomach, upper small intestine
      • Laproscopy: minimally invasive modality for viewing, performing surgery, or obtaining samples or biopsies of internal organs of the abdomen (liver, pancreas, etc.)
      • Thorascopy: minimally invasive modality for viewing, performing surgery, or sampling the chest cavity including lungs, pleural space, or pericardial sac
      • Urethroscopy: minimally invasive viewing or sampling of the urethra and urinary system
      • Rhinoscopy: minimally invasive viewing or sampling of the nasal cavity
      • Colonscopy: minimally invasive modality for viewing or sampling the colon
      • Helical CT scanner: digital images which allow visualization into difficult areas to access such as the brain, spinal cord, or sinuses

Pain Management
Pain management is an absolute priority at Encina Veterinary Hospital. Our doctors use multiple modalities to ensure that your pet is as comfortable as possible. Regimens will often include:

      • Wound-soaker catheters: a catheter inserted into the site of surgery which releases numbing medication around the clock
      • Epidurals: a catheter is inserted into the spinal region and releases pain and anesthetic medication to block the transmission of signals through the spinal cord
      • IV medications: pain medications directed injected into the IV for immediate pain control
      • Nerve blocks: injections administered at the site of a nerve to block pain conduction
      • Constant Rate Infusions (CRIs): a constant stream of intra-venous pain medication
      • Oral medications: usually prescribed at discharge to continue management at home

Our pain management plans are always tailored to the specific need of each individual patient and are constantly reassessed to make sure we are meeting requirements as they can change over time. Our ICU is diligent regarding pain management before, during, and after any procedure. Your pet’s comfort is our primary concern.