Appetite for Dog beds And Destruction

What the Victim Looked Like Prior to the Carnage

Hints of Disaster

The Perpetrator Amongst The Ruins

Returning to the Scene of the Crime

He May Not Be A Smooth Criminal, But He Definitely is A Cute One

Coming home to a fluff flurry is something many dog owners can relate to. In the case of Oliver, above, it was a bit of a cotton blizzard. “Ollie the Super Dog” was definitely feeling no shame that day when his dad returned, even playfully posing for some crime scene photos. Oliver has been a patient at Encina Veterinary Hospital since puppyhood (last year), and we love his unbreakable spirit. Please e-mail us your pet crime photos to A special thanks to Ollie’s dad Jeff for sharing his photos with us!


  1. but he looks so PROUD of his hard work!!! good thing he’s cute 😉

  2. Olene Oneel says:

    Thanks for posting

  3. Dee Larry says:

    I have a precious, handicapped Shih Tzu that I take care of better then myself! When she was only 3 months old, she was shut in a door and was instantly paralyzed from her mid-back to her legs. I must have at least 15 dog beds for her so she can be comfortable at all times!!! She adores all of them and has never been happier! To top it off, the beds I get stay clean naturally thanks to nanotechnology! I couldn’t recommend them more! 