What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

We’re very lucky at Encina Veterinary Hospital to have such wonderful clients who love their pets unconditionally, through all phases of their pet’s life. Below you will find some very kind words our clients have said about the care they received , staff they encountered and doctors they worked with here at Encina Veterinary Hospital. We believe it’s important to share what our clients experience with us; take a look at what people are saying:

April 21, 2014:
Dear Dr. Atwater, Dr. Nurre, and staff,

Your care for our beloved Goldens over the years has not gone unappreciated.
Thank you for your donation in Desi’s name to Colorado State U, Flint Animal Cancer Center. To be remembered is touching, and keeps our Desi close to our hearts.

We miss her so much, as we do Flame, Leia and Zap. If there is a rainbow bridge, a kind of heaven for dogs, then surely they are there waiting for us!

Please take a moment and click on this link. It’s a poem and a photo that I wrote about my dogs. http://open.salon.com/blog/toni_maita/2008/12/01/early_morning_prose

Warm regards,
Toni M and Greg F

September 24, 2013:
I wanted to thank the staff at Encina Veterinary Hospital – Emergency for the kindness you gave us on the sad day we had our cat Moona put to sleep.  You let us take our time before and after the procedure to say our goodbyes. We had Moona cremated and asked for her ashes returned. When my daughter went to pick them up the receptionist came out with a beautiful wooden box (name engraved on it) walked up personally and handed it to my daughter and gave her condolences.  The whole experience was handled professionally and with respect.
Thank You,
Judy U.

August 20, 2013:
Michele and I wanted to send our deepest appreciation to Dr. Christofferson for the way she dealt with us as we had to let our beloved Jake go on to his next life. Dr. Christfferson came to our house and was very kind, supportive and patient with us. Jake was with us for almost 13 years and was a major part of our daily lives. He was my best buddy and it was harder than I could ever imagine letting him go. Jake got to pass in his favorite spot, on our bed,with everyone he loved so much. We will always be grateful for the way we and Jake were treated by Dr. Christofferson.

On a happy note, I have been in contact with a Lab breeder for a few months to give me something to look forward to in regards to a new dog. I went on the website Saturday morning and they had a litter born the day Jake passed. This is a very well known breeder of championship hunting dogs. On Monday, they only had one dog left, that did not already have a deposit. It was a Yellow Male Lab! We will be picking up our new puppy in January as he will be going through 8 weeks of training or a total of 16 weeks with the breeder. We will visit with him a few times in between. We think his name will be Eoin. Gaelic name pronounced “O-in”.

We will look forward to working with you and our new best friend.

Thanks so much,
John S.

June 4, 2013:
Hi – Yesterday, my mom and I were in with our dog Sadie, and we had to say goodbye to her. She was such a strong girl, but it was the right thing to do for her. I know that situation is something you guys have to deal with frequently, but I wanted to let everyone know how much my mom and I appreciate everything you guys did for Sadie and for us. She was an old girl, and she had to make multiple visits over the past few weeks, and every time we brought her in everybody was so caring and helpful. You guys helped so much with the difficult situations, and you did more than Sadie could ask for. I couldn’t name all of the assistants or doctors that helped her, so thank you to everybody there. You guys were able to make her last few weeks as comfortable and enjoyable as they could have been, and right up until her last moments. We can’t thank you enough for all you did for her; what everybody does there is such a blessing.

Thank you again for all everybody did for Sadie.

The L Family

May 3, 2013:
I wanted to personally write a note of thanks to Dr. Priest for her services over the weekend for our cat Miles – I will not hesitate to bring our animals to your care in the future, God willing I will not have to.

Thank you again,
Ryan M.

April 18, 2013:
Just a line to say how much we appreciate all you did for our cat, Kit, on Monday. A special thanks to Dr. Martin Del Campo and staff for your kindness and care. We brought her home yesterday, and ‘The girl’ is doing great, thanks to all of you — we are truly appreciative and extremely grateful.
Warmest thanks, Cathy and Andy

December 20th 2012:
We have had a wonderful partnership with the Encina staff. We have been bringing our 2 Norwich Terriers there for over 8 years. Dr. Jill Christofferson and her assistant Samantha have helped us through a very hard time with our darling Riplee. After months of such very special care and thoughtfulness we lost our Riplee to liver disease. Although this was such a great loss, these 2 ladies as well as other staff members helped in so many ways that my words cannot express how grateful we are. We continue to take Riplee’s daughter Cooper to this haven for pets, (and their people parents) for more routine care.

August 17th, 2012:

Big Dawgs Rescue of Livermore

July 18th, 2012:

Last night, my wife and I brought our dog in. She was very sick, and we ended up having to put her down. I wanted to express our thanks for your generosity and kindness in handling our case. We were kept in the loop the whole time, and were given as much time as we needed to say our goodbyes.
As I understand it, one of your employees was actually off the clock when she agreed to sit with our daughter so that my wife and I could see Bella one last time. We cannot thank you enough for making this horrible time so much easier.

We will miss Bella very much — we feel like we’ll never be whole again without her — but we are so grateful that she was able to go so peacefully.

Thank you,
Travis, Nikki and Taylor

July 7th, 2012:

Hello Encina,

I just wanted to say thank you to the staff and especially Dr. Johnson for your professionalism and caring way you handled the euthanasia our family member “Amber” yesterday. I have attached a picture of her so Dr. Johnson can remember which one she was.
Dr. Johnson has obviously had to handle thousands of situations like ours and that experience shows.

The pain is still fresh and the tears are still flowing, but the knowledge that Amber is no longer suffering fills us with relief.

Thank you again, your hospital is a blessing and we’re so glad her last minutes were there.

Sincerely and with much thanks,
Tracy, Rob, Cody, and Devon, oh and Kid, Leo, and Buster, Amber’s best cat friends.

June 8th, 2012:
I just want to thank Dr. Nurre, and Dr. Wang, for everything they’ve done for my dachshund Lexy. I met a lady in the lobby today, who has used your services for 28 years, wow that really speaks for itself. I already knew your hospital was great, but that really confirmed what I already felt, you guys have great customer service, compassion, and a real passion for the care of animals. Not only do you care for animals at the facility, but many of your staff foster care animals. You guys are amazing!

Nick A.

November 30th, 2011:
Dear Dr. Nurre,
     I sat down to write you a “thank you” note and I’m finding it very difficult to say what I feel. I don’t have the words to express how much Pascal means to me and then I realized that it’s okay because I think you know.
     Thinking and thinking and thinking – how can I possibly convey the flood of gratitude I feel for your incredibly generous offer to save Pascal’s life. You are in every way extraordinary special; both as a person and as a doctor!
     I normally don’t consider myself to be a lucky person but whenever I think about what happened last week, that’s the word that comes to me – lucky! I’m the luckiest person in the world to have miraculously had the good fortune to have Pascal in your care. This was a thanksgiving I will always remember. We will forever be thankful to you!
     I very best thing I could ever wish for you is that should you ever find yourself in the worst of situations, as I was, one that seems hopeless – the best thing that could happen to you is for there to be someone just like yourself, right there for you, like you were for us!
The words “thank you” don’t even begin to come close to how grateful we are, but please except them and know that they mean infinitely, so much more.

               Wishing you the very best!
                      Judy and Pascal

Pascal at home

September 16th, 2011:
Almost a year ago I brought my cat Charlie in to see Dr. Adamo. He was having seizures and Dr. Adamo, after an MRI and spinal tap was able to diagnose his problem. Thankfully it was a severe infection which was cured with three antibiotics. I brought him in to see Dr. Adamo after the medications were finished and he was given a clean bill of health. Charlie was so relaxed when he was there he jumped up on the bench and gave himself a bath! He had gained SO much weight (for the better) that he looked completely different! A couple of months later he got lost and it was through an idea from Encina (to put him on Craigslist) that he was found. Encina was able to e-mail the person who found him for me since my computer at work has too many firewalls. Less than an hour after that I was on my way to pick him up!!! I brought him in for a quick “check up” and Encina would not even charge me! I also had to bring in my 16-year old cat Tanya because of an abscess. I was seen quite quickly when I brought her in and she was back home with us very shortly. I know you guys took great care of her!!!

You guys are THE BEST!
Aileen H.

Charlie & Tanya

July 28th, 2011:
Last weekend I unfortunately had a reason to visit Encina Vet. I put the wrong flea medicine on our cat and she had a terrible reaction. My son called your office and they said to bring her in immediately. All of the staff members that I had interaction with were incredibly wonderful! I really want to thank all of you for taking such good care of my Cleo and for giving all of Contra Costa residents an option for emergency care. I have had to use emergency vet services in the past at another facility and was saddened to find that the payment was more important than the pet and that taking advantage of people that are in a vulnerable position seems to be the modus operandi. What a breath of fresh air you all bring to the words ”Emergency Veterinary Services” where the beloved pet is the main concern. I had no idea that you provided emergency vet care but you can rest assured that I will tell everyone I know about it. Take care and thanks again.


July 24th, 2011:
Hello All,
     Lorelei and I want to express our sincere gratitude for the care you gave Sarge in his last days. We truly feel Dr Johnson was an angel who helped us through one of the most difficult periods of a person’s life. We could tell it was hard on him to have to keep delivering bad news. Our take was this was God’s way of telling us it was time to let Sarge be at peace. Our boy was quite a fighter with an indomitable spirit. He would have met every challenge, period. It was going to be too much to ask anyone to do that much fighting.
     Sarge was 12 1/2. Lorelei rescued him from the animal shelter in Calgary AB when he was 5 months old. He had two strikes against him when Lorelei brought him home and he had 12 great years with her.
     I was like the “step-dad”. Sarge came into my life 6 years ago. He and his “brother” Kato were my first ever pets. They made quite an impression to say the least.
When we were leaving I thanked Dr Johnson for the care, compassion, and dignity with the way you dealt with us an Sarge. We will never forget your kindness.

                    With heartfelt thanks,
                         Jamie, Lorelei, Kato, and Sarge

July 7th, 2011:
Dr. Nurre,
     I wanted to thank you and your staff for being so responsive and helpful. We had been in Concord less than 24 hrs, when I reached Nancy on the phone asking for an appt., she found a cancellation and got us in that afternoon. When we arrived at the clinic Samantha was wonderful, she put us at ease and made us feel welcome, she’s a great asset and a pretty good tour guide. Odin had been getting steadily worse as we traveled from Texas, and I was so upset to see him in pain, lethargic and w/ the many open sores that weren’t getting better and in fact were getting worse daily. He is back to being his attention seeking, bratty self, so I can see that he’s recovering at least for now.
     We brought the rest of our crew in later that afternoon just for nail trims and so they could start to familiarize themselves w/ your office, and again the staff was great for that also.

               Thanks again.

June 25th, 2011:
     I was in there just a little while ago with my daughter and her pet rat Oreo. I was choking back tears so I didn’t have a chance to properly thank you for relieving our Oreo of her pain and suffering. Today we called 16 vet offices and just when I was really discouraged and didn’t think I could make a call I called you #17 it’s always hard to have to say goodbye to an animal and out of the 16 offices we called yours was the only one willing to help our situation. We got a lot of “She’s just a rattie let her pass at home” and “We cannot negotiate pricing.” to my daughter she wasn’t just a rat she was her friend and I cannot thank you enough for what you did for us today. We will miss Oreo but we are at peace knowing she will not suffer any longer. Again, thank you.

               Thank You,

June 25th, 2011:
     From the bottom of our hearts, Richard and I want to thank all of you for your thoughtfulness and kind words towards us after Monty’s passing. Not only did you provide exceptional medical care, but the love you showered upon Monty meant so very much to us. This is a slideshow that I made as a special tribute to our much loved Monty. We will always think of him as our little hero. We hope you will find the time to watch it. After you open the album, please click on “Start Slideshow” and turn up your speakers. I hope the photos are in sync with the song.