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Susan Burns Presents at National Conference!

Throughout the year, veterinary professionals gather at national conferences to learn about new and emerging medical therapies and technologies. On August 29th, 2011, at the Central Veterinary Conference in Kansas City, Missouri, our own Susan Burns presented three lectures to veterinarians and technicians about anesthesia. Her topics included using ventilation, pediatric anesthesia, and geriatric anesthesia.

Susan Burns is a registered veterinary technician who also passed her certification process to become a Veterinary Technician Specialists in anesthesia. She is one of only a handful of VTS technicians in private practice, as most of them work in the teaching hospitals of the veterinary universities.

Susan’s experience speaking at this conference was rewarding. She felt like she was able to pass on practical information to others in such a way that they could translate what they learned into new policies for their own practices.

As a hospital, we are very proud of Susan’s accomplishments and her drive to share her knowledge with others.

Angela Linvill; Hospital Administrator

Loki Here!

Boston in a Blanket

Meet Loki, one of our newest patients at EncinaVeterinaryHospital. Loki was born via c-section on August 13th of this year. Loki first came to us on emergency 16 hours after he was born, because his owners found his mom licking a wound on his left hind leg. Dr. Martin Del Campo was able to repair the wound using a local anesthetic, and Loki went  home on antibiotics. As you can see from his glamour shots, Loki clearly is not failing to thrive! The name Loki is from ancient Norse legend, as Loki was a troublemaker in the pantheon of Norse gods, but we happen to think that this Loki is an angel!

Loki Love


Dexter the Wonder Poodle

In June of this year a special puppy named Dexter walked into our clinic with the NorCal Poodle Rescue group. The little black poodle had been rescued from a homeless encampment in Sacramento, where he was not able to receive the veterinary care that he desperately needed. Dexter was not classically good looking by any means, as he was suffering from demodex (a parasite that lives in the hair follicles of mammals) and was more or less hairless. However, his personality shined through his soulful brown eyes, and he quickly won over the hearts of everyone at EVH, Dr. Jill Christofferson in particular. Jill led the charge in collecting donations and organizing surgical treatments to give the sweet poodle the chance to live a life that was pain free.

Dr. Christofferson was able to treat Dexter’s demodex (parasitic mites of the hair follicle), and also donated her time to perform entropion surgery to correct the fact that Dexter’s eyelids folded inward causing his eyelashes to rub on his eyes. During all of his treatments, Dexter never so much as lifted a lip at our staff; his patience and tolerance truly amazed us.

For more information on Dexter’s story, please see Dr. Christofferson’s YouTube video “Dexter’s Story”

And be sure to check out the NorCal Poodle Rescue Summer/Fall 2011 Newsletter, which honored the contributions of Dr. Christofferson and Dr. Nurre in Dexter’s journey to health.

September is National Pet Insurance Month!!

Happy Pet Insurance Month!

Pet insurance is a much discussed topic these days, as people are looking to provide the best possible care for their pets in a mercurial economic climate. Financial analysts have been changing their tune on the topic, as Liz Weston from MSN Money puts it, “A few years ago, pet insurance would have ranked right up there with life insurance for children and dread-disease coverage on my list of policies you don’t need. Now I’m not so sure.” In fact, several companies such as Google and Office Depot are now providing pet insurance coverage as an optional employee benefit.

In order to help sort through the confusion, Encina put together a team of employees to specifically research different pet insurance policies in order to find one that would benefit our patients and clients the most. After months of pouring through policy information, we decided upon Trupanion Pet Insurance ( Trupanion provides coverage for 90% of veterinary costs for accident and illnesses, with no payout limits. Encina does not receive benefits from Trupanion for promoting their insurance, we merely hope to provide our clients with a way to save money on treatments for their pets.

For more information on pet insurance, feel free to stop in and chat with any of our client service representatives or doctor’s assistants, or call us at (925)937-5001.