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How Do You Roo?

The Punisher, Relaxing in His New Home

We were all very sad when we learned that the parents of one of our star patients, The Punisher (affectionately known as TP) were relocating down to Australia earlier this year. TP’s dad took a job on Curtis Island, which means that his parents packed up and headed Down Under to open up a new chapter in their lives. TP has stayed behind in the US, but his mom keeps in contact via Skype and Facebook. TP’s mom Jennifer has found some new friends who work in wildlife rescue, and she sent us some awesome pictures of some of her new companions. It is not uncommon in Jennifer’s circle to rescue baby kangaroos, many of whom became orphaned when their mothers were hit by cars. Jennifer herself is looking to foster a brushtail possum, as ‘roos require a lot of land and a long-term time commitment of over a year. Please enjoy some of Jennifer’s pictures, and we look forward to staying in touch as their Australian adventures unfold!

It's A Little Baby 'Roo!

It Doesn't Get Much Cuter Than This

What, You've Never Seen A Marsupial Before?

Pretty Birds

He's Good at Blending In

Jennifer and Her Amphibian Friend

Update: Dr. Adamo's TV Premiere!

This year has been very exciting for Dr. Adamo with his revolutionary artificial disc implant surgery, and the local media has tapped into his momentum. Thanks to efforts put forth by members and friends of the White Kitty Foundation, Dr. Adamo was featured on KGO7 last week, in a short feature that highlights his revolutionary procedure. Dr. Johnson began our practice with the vision that we would always be looking to the future for new and better ways to treat our patients, and Dr. Adamo’s ingenuity is in line with that tenet of our practice. I was lucky enough to observe Dr. Adamo performing his procedure on a dog that came all the way from Texas last week, to be treated for Disc Associated Wobbler’s Syndrome. Please see the news videos below, and join us in our applause for Dr. Adamo’s success!

Neurologist Dr. Filippo Adamo DVM on ABC7 News

KGO 7 Article on Dr. Adamo\’s Artificial Disc Implant


Thank you again to Cris and Denise for their efforts in making this interview happen!

The Good (After)life

The View at Bubbling Well

As we all know, the lives of our animal companions are far too fleeting, and it seems as though as much time as we are given, it is never enough. My first dog lived to be twenty-two, and on the day she passed our family grieved the loss as we would any other family member. One of the hardest conversations a veterinarian may have with an animal parent is the decision to put their pet down, and a part of that conversation includes care of remains. At Encina Veterinary Hospital, we use a company called Bubbling Well to assist us in cremations, burials, and memorial services. Located in the heart of wine country, Bubbling Well has a beautiful facility that rivals any human cemetery I’ve ever seen.

When assisting with the tough decision to euthanize at Encina, we typically offer two options for the care of your pet’s remains. One choice is a group cremation, in which pets are cremated together and the ashes are spread at the Bubbling Well facility. The other option is a private cremation, in which your pet’s ashes are returned in a cedar box with a personalized plaque on the front. You also have the option of disposing of the remains yourself, but you should be aware that it is illegal in many California counties to bury pets in your yard.

One of the Bubbling Well Residents

For more information regarding Bubbling Well and aftercare services not mentioned in this post, please visit their website at:, or call us at (925)937-5000. If you are considering euthanasia for your pet, we are available 24/7, and we always make your difficult decision a priority.