Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine is the medical specialty involving the diagnosis, management, and treatment of unusual or serious diseases. Encina Veterinary Hospital has the advantage of being able to effectively diagnose and treat your pet in a highly efficient manner due to exceptionally talented veterinarians and the best possible medical equipment.

Common examples of Internal Medicine cases
     • Endocrine disorders (i.e. Cushing’s Disease, Diabetes, Addison’s Disease)
     • Gastro-Intestinal Disease (i.e. Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Lymphangiectasia)
     • Hematologic Disease (i.e. Disorders involving spleen and blood i.e. Immune-Mediated Anemia)
     • Liver/Biliary Disease (i.e. Cholangio-hepatitis)
     • Respiratory Disease (i.e. Allergic Airway Disease)

Commonly used advanced Internal Medicine Diagnostic Tools and Treatments include:
     • Scopes (Bronchoscope, Endoscope, Cystoscope)
     • Ultrasound
     • CT Scanner
     • Digital x-rays
     • Advanced Hematological Assays
     • Needle Aspirates/Biopsies
     • Feeding tube/chest tube placement
     • Critical-care management

Dr. Peter Nurre (Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine) and Dr. Jennifer Wang (Internal Medicine Residency Trained), are both available to oversee internal medicine cases and advise our associate staff when necessary.

The experience and ability of our staff, along with their commitment and rigorous training, allows them to deliver high quality medical care. We have often been the first hospital in the United States to pioneer treatments that are now commonplace among other veterinary hospitals.

Together we will formulate a plan that will enable us to reach a diagnosis and then formulate an appropriate treatment plan for your pet. Please call (925) 937-5000 to schedule an appointment.