In-Home Nursing/Hospice Care

Introduced in October of 2011, our in-home nursing program offers a wide-range of support to pet owners and their companions who can remain in their home while still receiving much of the skilled support and nursing care they would encounter at Encina Veterinary Hospital. Our registered veterinary technician (RVT) Barbara works with you and your Encina veterinarian to address all levels of needs, from nursing tasks to more involved end-of-life care.

As your pet nears the end of his or her life, we are dedicated to the total active care of your pet and family. Our goal is to provide the best possible quality of life for pet and owner as you travel through this fourth stage of life with your companion.

Services provided include:
      • Gathering of lab samples
      • Blood pressure measurement
      • Post-surgical/hospitalization assessment
      • Bandage care
      • Suture/staple/drain removal
      • Administer injections
      • Administer sub-q fluids

Support with:
      • Administering medications
      • Sub-q fluids
      • Feeding tube maintenance
      • Passive Range of Motion
      • Bladder expression

When considering palliative/hospice care:
      • Pain assessment
      • Evaluation of your needs and goals for your pet
      • Development of a personalized plan for you and your pet