Dental Care

Dental disease is one of the most overlooked aspects to pet health and comfort.

Good oral hygiene ….
     • reduces plaque and tartar
     • reduces oral infections
     • improves bad breath
     • helps to prevent secondary effects on the heart, liver, and kidneys caused by dental disease

After an oral exam, your veterinarian may recommend treatment if they suspect periodontal disease.

Symptoms that can indicate an exam is warranted include:
     • bad breath
     • discoloration on teeth (often brown, yellow or green)
     • loose teeth
     • red/inflamed gums, swelling of mouth or gums
     • reluctance to play or chew on toys,
     • dropping food while eating, pawing at the mouth, or pain when eating.

If your veterinarian feels that dental work is indicated, they will review a Complete Oral Health Assessment and Treatment (COHAT) procedure with you. All veterinary patients are anesthetized for dental work in order to perform a full oral exam, charting, x-rays and any indicated work (extractions, periodontal treatments, etc.). If the procedure is performed in the morning, most patients can go home that evening. If the procedure is performed in the afternoon, or the patient needs additional recovery or care, they do occasionally spend one night in the hospital. The goal is always to have a full recovery and be as comfortable as possible prior to discharge.

Frequency of dental work varies from patient to patient and can range from every 6 months to every few years. Shape/conformation of the mouth/teeth, level of inflammation, and home dental care can influence this frequency. After dental work, a staff member will demonstrate home dental hygiene to help maintain good oral hygiene on an at-home basis.

Recovery after anesthesia occurs in our Intensive Care Unit (ICU) where both patient safety and comfort level are the priorities. Pain medications and post-operative treatments are adjusted and tailored to meet the needs of each individual patient around the clock. Our knowledgeable, dedicated staff will go the extra mile to provide your pet with intensive care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To schedule a dental appointment please call (925) 937-5000 and a Client Service Representative will assist you.