CT Scanner

Encina Veterinary Hospital is proud to be one of the few veterinary hospitals in the nation to have an in house computed tomography scanner also known as a CT scanner or CAT scan.

Our CT scanner is used to help diagnose internal medical conditions without using invasive surgery. A CT scan produces a series of images displaying the inside of the body by using a technology similar to x-rays and computer processing equipment to display both horizontal and vertical cross-sectioned sliced images. Instead of a single dimensional image, the CT scanner allows us to produce 3 dimensional (3D) images to better see and evaluate an effected area or organ without physically having to cut into the patient. A CT scan may be used to locate internal injuries, internal bleeding, internal masses, trauma, brain and spinal lesions, orthopedic injuries or masses.

If your pet is scheduled for a CT scan, the process usually goes like so: Your pet is placed under full anesthesia (because they need to be perfectly still for the procedure) and monitored closely by our staff, including our veterinary technician specialist in anesthesia. The pet is then laid comfortably onto the gantry (table part of the CT scanner) and slowly passes through a large round device housing radiology equipment that rotates at 360’ around the patient to record images from every angle. The number of images depends on the pet’s particular situation. The images are then saved and reviewed by your veterinarian and sent out to a board certified radiologist to further interpret the images. After our veterinarian has reviewed the images, the images are then sent out to a board certified radiologist to further expertly interpret. Once our doctors and the board certified radiologist has reviewed the images produced from the CT scan, they will work together with you to determine the best course of treatment for your pet’s health regarding his or her condition.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a CT scan for your pet, please give us a a call at (925) 937-5000